• Lyz Washington

Unearthing Satori Today and Everyday

Updated: May 19

~The adventure begins~

The above photo is taken in Bali at the Satori Villas. This is a magnificent place that can help one clear their mind and soul just by taking in their surroundings.

The word Satori is something that I have been searching for for most of my life. You see, I spent a great deal of my time doing what I thought I was 'supposed' to, and constantly feeling a war within myself. On a personal journey, I began to realize I was waking up to my own reality and what I want for myself and my little corner of the world. On this journey, I stumbled on this word, Satori. It means many things to different people. To me, and many others, Satori is those clarifying 'ah ha' moments we find ourselves in when we really put in the work of figuring our shit out. Merriam-Webster defines Satori as, "sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination representing the spiritual goal of Zen (Buddhism)". Full disclosure, I am not a Buddhist. I do believe in God, intuition and those great 'ah ha' moments in life. For this particular point, however, I do not believe it matters. We are all on our own paths with different gifts and darknesses that we bring along with us. My darkness is a past I had to break free from. It was learning that I am an orphan, that I was essentially kidnapped from the life I was meant to have and and the reality that this landed me right in a world no child should have to live in. This has been particularly difficult to rumble with, and I still have days that I am fighting my own thoughts to get one foot in front of the other.

I think that the most powerful moments of human connection for me have come from a trusted ally saying 'me too' in my darkest of moments. I hope that as you read my blogs and come along on this journey with me, you will hear that resounding 'me too' in your own story. I hope that we can go hand in hand and say to each other, "you taught me something today, and I am better for it". I welcome you on my journey as I find my Satoris, gain clarity and say 'me too' on the exciting, crazy, light-filled days, and the darkest of dark days as well. Here we go! Let's find Satori.



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