Hi! I’m Lyz,

A mental wellness advocate & blogger 

My life has been one of turbulence and beauty. I was born into a world that I was not prepared for, no one could have been, really.  The first 23 years of my life were scarred with trauma and pain.  This pain came at the hands of those tasked with protecting and caring for me.  It was not until I was in my early 30's that I realized what a broken world I had been born into and, as a result, came from. My husband and I had to make changes for our family.  We were blessed with 3 kiddos and as I looked at our life, I knew we had to do better and it had to start with me.  I was a proud yet terrified stay-at-home mom.  I had rumbled with fear and an unknowing of the world for as long as I could remember.  One day a monster from the past came and revisited our lives and crises ensued.  As I tried to recover, my terror only increased.  Soon, months had passed and we began to think we were getting our feet back under us.  One morning, a leaf blew past my front window and I began to have a severe panic attack.  As my husband watched on in fear, he knew it was time for us to seek help.  For weeks we discussed what the next steps should be and the work of finding the help I needed, started. 

That tiny leaf was the start of a journey that has led me to the light that I never knew burned inside of me.  It has led to an understanding of who I am and who I was always meant to be.  Those who engaged in and perpetrated the traumas on my young life, did not win.  I am still here and stronger than I ever recall being.  This has not been an easy realization to come to and I feel like I am still seeing it more clearly everyday.  Often, it is easy to fall back into old patterns and get lost in the why me stories that rumble around in the head of a trauma survivor.  I have to remind myself often that somehow, someway, I created a beautiful life for myself and my little corner of the world and I have to clear my eyes to see that it is not a mystery.  I am who I was always meant to be and no force has been able to stop the passion and fire that burn deep in my soul.  I have found the recipe for unearthing the ah ha moments that led me to understand how beautiful life can be. I no longer let others silence or abuse me.  It is my hope that as I put words to my journey, that others will also be able to cook up their own goodness and chart their own courses of clarity. 

As life stands now, I have been married for nearly 14 years.  My husband is my life partner, my biggest ally.  He is the true miracle of my life.  We deal with struggles that any normal couple would, and then some.  Being married to a sometimes broken individual is not for the faint of heart.  I honor and admire him everyday!  Our 3 kids are the center of our world.  We were blessed with an amazing young man with a heart full of compassion and a fighter beyond his years.  Soon after this little blessing we welcomed our twins.  A boy and a girl.  They are little balls of fire and have such a love of life.  Living in Boise, ID we get the best of many worlds, from outdoor adventure to fine dining and everything in between.  

I welcome you into a little corner of our world as I learn to embrace life and pay it forward in the most meaningful ways I know how.  I found my recipe for clarity, and I hope some tid-bit here at Unearthing Satori will help you find yours!



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